• How to Build a Brand Community from Scratch

    Big companies can outspend you. Competitors can enter the market. Your product can be replicated.

    ​But if your marketing or business strategy is centered around a brand community, you don’t lose sleep – because how you do your thing becomes more important than what you do.

    One of the best things you can do for your brand is to build a community. I really like how Greg Isenberg demonstrates the value of a community vs. and audience:

    A brand community is a group of customers who are brought together by their collective interest in a brand’s products, services, or values

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  • Should you hire a CRO Agency, Or should you use CRO Tools?

    Hiring a CRO agency isn’t suitable for everyone. So is using CRO tools. 

    But which one is the best option: engaging a Conversion Rate Optimization agency, or buying CRO tools and doing the optimization work yourself? 

    If you are reading this article, there’s a high chance that you are considering doing one of those two options. 

    You might be a Founder, CEO, Chief Marketing Officer, or Marketing Director, struggling to decide whether to place your conversion optimization efforts in the hands of an external company or just take it on yourself. 

    In this article, I intend to help make that

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  • How Good is your UX? Here’s How You can Measure it

    • Posted in UX

    Think back to a time you had a bad experience using a website. 

    Maybe the site was slow, or it had illegible typography and bad spacing on long landing pages. Or perhaps the navigation was confusing – too many options to choose from. 

    Do you have a moment in mind?

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  • CRO Low-Hanging Fruits That Will Give You An Immediate Win

    When should we expect to see results after starting conversion optimization? Two weeks? Three weeks?” 

    That’s a question we hear all the time. 

    But the problem is that it assumes that conversion optimization is a silver bullet you use on a website, and then boom…conversions skyrocket.

    But that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

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  • How To Write Landing Pages That Convert Cold Traffic

    Most cold traffic landing pages struggle to convert (and convert well).

    ​But it’s not because of your offer. Or the jaw-dropping design of your landing page.

    ​It’s because your readers don’t know yet who you are or why they should believe what you’re telling them.

    ​The real key to getting ice-cold readers to convert?

    ​It’s in creating a deep connection with them in the first few seconds they land on your page. And then holding that connection all the way through until they convert.

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  • What does it take to successfully execute a CRO Program?

    The value that Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) brings to the table is now indisputable. Although we still come across top executives who are still skeptical of its value, the CRO concept has proved its worth to the mainstream. 

    However, most organizations’ implementation of a CRO program is still not optimal, which could be why some managers are still skeptical. 

    While the outcomes associated with a good CRO program are obvious, ranging from improved conversions to high retention rates, the suboptimal optimization program’s consequences are frequently overlooked. And they can hurt your business where it matters the most – ROI. 

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  • Expert Advice on Developing a Hypothesis for Marketing Experimentation 

    Every marketing experimentation process has to have a solid hypothesis. 

    That’s a must – unless you want to be roaming in the dark and heading towards a dead-end in your experimentation program.

    Hypothesizing is the second phase of our SHIP optimization process here at Invesp.

    It comes after we have completed the research phase. 

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  • The Secret Sauce: 6 Traits Of A Great CRO Agency

    Online business is fiercely competitive with the billions of companies available today. Using a website that is not optimized for conversions is akin to bringing a knife to a gunfight – you won’t win. 

    This is why companies should hire a competent CRO company to ensure that they get more value from their existing traffic. 

    Fortunately, choosing a CRO agency to help increase your conversions might be a simple decision for many businesses. I mean…there are countless options available. 

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