• Free Delivery Marketing: The Impact Of Offering Free Shipping

    free delivery marketing

    So let me take you on a little trip down memory lane.

    Think back to the last 3 months, and picture every order you placed online. Can you perfectly recall?

    How many of those orders did the word ‘free shipping’ influence your purchase decision?

    One? Two? Three? Or is it all the time? 

    If you’re like the majority of online shoppers out there, you’re always on the lookout for bargains. The bargain can either be a discount, free shipping, or some incentive that justifies your purchase. 

    In one of our studies, 9 out of 10 online shoppers agreed that the tag

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  • A Complete Guide To User Testing

    • Posted in UX

    User testing is a technique to quickly identify issues with your product that are occurring with your visitors and customers daily, allowing you to make quick adjustments and improve the overall user experience. 

    It’s easy to underestimate the importance of the user experience and how it can greatly impact your conversion rates.

    This article will provide an overview of the user testing process, how to conduct it, and the tools you can use to get feedback from potential users.

    What is User Testing?

    User testing is a qualitative research technique that enables you to understand the needs and behaviors of

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  • How Loyalty Programs Can Set you Apart From your Competition

    How loyalty programs can set you apart from your competition

    Studies conducted by us at Invesp show that acquiring a new customer can cost 5 times more than retaining an existing customer.

    I’m not suggesting that getting new potential customers is bad for business.

    All I’m saying is that a business isn’t sustainable if it doesn’t focus on making its existing customers happy. Existing customers are the oxygen that drives the success of a business. 

    In one of their studies, Adobe found that an existing customer is nine times more likely to purchase than a new lead. 

    So, now, the question here is how do you tap into this recurring

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  • The Best Examples of Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions in 2022

    The Best Examples of Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions in 2022

    The truth about how well your product and business is fairing is in the hands of your customers.

    It’s easy to assume you’ve developed a fantastic product, and that’s all that matters, but in the grand scheme of things, your customers are the judge of that.

    This is where customer satisfaction surveys play an essential role in your business. With customer satisfaction surveys, you get honest, authentic, and unbiased feedback on how your customers perceive and see your product.

    The voice of customer data you get from the surveys is essential to your business. With it, you can mine insights

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  • What are the 4 Ps of Marketing? Understanding the Basics

    What are the 4 Ps of Marketing? Understanding the Basics

    Products aren’t sold off the shelves because they’re amazing and revolutionary.

    Having an ‘amazing product’ is no longer enough. I run out of fingers when I count the number of amazing products expected to sell, like hotcakes but failed due to poor marketing. 

    Think of Crystal Pepsi. Or Amazon Fire Phone. Or that Cheetos Lip Balm. 

    Those products were backed by renowned brands and expected to help increase revenue, but they all failed to impact the consumers’ minds. 

    That shows that an ‘amazing product’ is a tiny fraction of a big marketing equation. 

    So, what does the whole equation look

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  • Heuristic Evaluation Checklist to Use On Your Website

    When you’re looking to improve the user experience of your website, you can use the heuristic evaluation checklist. This checklist is a guide that will help you determine how good your site is for users.

    The heuristic evaluation checklist is based on a list of common usability problems identified by Jakob Nielsen, an expert in human-computer interaction. The purpose of this list is not to give you a specific diagnosis for your website but rather to help you identify areas on which to focus when improving the user experience.

    To put it simply, the goal of this checklist is to

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  • 6 Ideas to Improve Customer Experience Through Your Return Process

    More people are buying online than ever before, and they’re also returning goods more than ever. With UPS reporting a 23% increase in returns during 2021, returns are something customers demand but also a potential place to make or break your relationship. 

    Get the returns process right, and you’ve got a great customer experience that leads to more sales. Get it wrong, and you lose out on that revenue and all the money you’ve spent to acquire those customers. Let’s protect that bottom line with six ways to improve the customer experience during the next return.

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  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research: Which one should you prioritize?

    Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research: Which one should you prioritize?

    First thing first, qualitative and quantitative research are both critical in the process of conversion optimization. 

    One without the other makes your CRO efforts weak. 

    A quick Google search will show you articles prioritizing one over the other. But if you ask a CRO expert, I mean someone with optimization know-how, they will tell you that you need both. 

    But the question remains, do you know why you require both? Which one of the research approaches do you start with? At what stage of the conversion optimization process do you carry out qualitative research or quantitative? Is it a linear

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