• 6 Ideas to Improve Customer Experience Through Your Return Process

    More people are buying online than ever before, and they’re also returning goods more than ever. With UPS reporting a 23% increase in returns during 2021, returns are something customers demand but also a potential place to make or break your relationship. 

    Get the returns process right, and you’ve got a great customer experience that leads to more sales. Get it wrong, and you lose out on that revenue and all the money you’ve spent to acquire those customers. Let’s protect that bottom line with six ways to improve the customer experience during the next return.

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  • Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research: Which one should you prioritize?

    Qualitative vs. Quantitative Research: Which one should you prioritize?

    First thing first, qualitative and quantitative research are both critical in the process of conversion optimization. 

    One without the other makes your CRO efforts weak. 

    A quick Google search will show you articles prioritizing one over the other. But if you ask a CRO expert, I mean someone with optimization know-how, they will tell you that you need both. 

    But the question remains, do you know why you require both? Which one of the research approaches do you start with? At what stage of the conversion optimization process do you carry out qualitative research or quantitative? Is it a linear

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  • Customer Testimonials: What is it, Why it Works and How to Use it

    Customer Testimonials: What is it, Why it Works and How to Use it

    Whenever I feel like watching a movie on Netflix, I go on Twitter and search for “Netflix movie recommendations.” 

    This saves me a lot of time scrolling through Netflix, looking for a good movie to watch. 

    I also do the same thing whenever I want to buy something online. I don’t remember the last time I bought something online without first reading customer reviews. 

    According to Searchengineland, I’m not the only one. This behavior is typical among online shoppers. 85% of consumers read up to 10 reviews before making a purchase decision.

    Another report by Vendasta states that – 88%

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  • The Best 9 Hotjar Alternatives of 2022 [In-Depth Comparison]

    A successful website is one that converts. However, converting potential customers is not an easy feat. 

    After all, you only have about a few seconds to make a first impression. Most visitors take merely seven seconds to decide whether they want to stay on your site or not. 

    That’s why analyzing how users interact with your site is a primary concern of marketers today. 

    As a result, heat map & user insights software are slowly becoming the next big thing for digital marketers. 

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  • Should You Choose In House or Agency For Your Marketing Efforts?

    inhouse vs external agency for marketing effort

    According to a report by Grand View Research, the global e-commerce market size was valued at USD 9.09 trillion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027. 

    So what does this mean to you as an eCommerce business owner or marketer?

    Well, if your website is optimized for conversions, you can have a piece of the pie. But if it’s not yet optimized, you will miss out on the moola. 

    Suppose that you’ve made up your mind and don’t want to miss out. There are two things you

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  • User Research: The Process And The Value It Brings You

    User esearch, the process and the value it brings you

    Ask many business owners to navigate their website and describe their experience to you, and you’ll hear expressions like ‘seamless,’ ‘intuitive,’ ‘easy-to-use,’ etc.

    Ask the actual users to narrate their experience, and many times, you will find that the story is different. 

    It’s either they’re having issues locating the call to action button (which could be because it blends in with the website’s background), or the mobile check-out experience is horrible, or they’re having issues navigating between different pages of the product.

    Many websites are good to go by the teams’ standard, but they provide terrible navigation experiences for the

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  • What Is Click Tracking And How It Benefits You

    Click tracking

    Every week new websites are launched, new features are set to live on applications, and marketers send out their newsletters. It’s only natural to want to know how visitors interact with this content, where they’re clicking, what they’re not clicking on, e.t.c.

    Enter click tracking.

    As the name suggests, it’s all about tracking user clicks, but it’s deeper than that because click tracking lets you see: 

    –  user behavior on your website, 

    – how users perceive your content,

    – the changes you need to make to improve user experience.

    In this article, we’ll be looking at click tracking, how click

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  • The Art of Creating Effective Calls to Action

    creating effective call to action

    Let’s do a mental throwback, shall we? Think of every time you’ve had to sign up to take a course, download an application or input your email to get a lead magnet.

    Can you picture those times perfectly? I’m sure there was a button you had to click on to either download, signup, or buy something.  

    Now, let’s flip it. Think of the times your marketing campaigns, emails, and landing pages have successfully performed.

    Can you remember? I’m sure most (if not all) of your campaigns had a button that people had to click on to get something they wanted.  

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