• Personas Strategy : What you Need to Know and How to Copy it

    The French proverb ‘le client est roi’ sums up the key to success for all marketing initiatives. “The customer is king,” marketers know it all too well. They are fully aware that their success and failure depends on how much their customers are satisfied. As a matter of fact, most companies are aware of the fact that knowing your customers intimately is the only way to please them. But it’s complicated to “really” know customers. Trying to extract that data in a meaningful way is not so apparent.

    The struggle is real.

    But why do companies struggle so much to

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  • Usability Metrics: A Better Usability Approach

    We were hiring for a UX/UI senior position at Invesp. Of the 20 resumes we liked, we were only to make 10 phone interviews. Of the 10 interviews, only one made it to a face to face.

    The interviewee came in talking about all the great design and apps he had created. But then we started drilling further asking about some specific usability guidelines this individual follows and he started to stumble. Then we asked; how do you measure the usability of a product you created?

    Complete silence.

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  • How to utilize personas for more effective email marketing

    Editor note: This is a guest post by McKenzie Gregory who is a content writer on the marketing team at Emma.

    Consider these two scenarios:

    Scenario #1: You’re grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to work. You order what you want, pay for it, get your coffee, and go on your way.

    Scenario #2: You’re grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to work. The barista smiles and greets you by name – in fact, he started making your regular order as soon as you walked in. You pay for it (adding a nice tip, of course), get

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  • How to Use the Power of Selective Attention Phenomenon for Higher Conversion Rates

    It’s true.

    Visitors who complete purchases, subscribe to plans, or hire your services, do so because they are laser focused on accomplishing a task to fulfill life and business goals.

    This sharp focus makes visitors see and engage with only limited sections of your page, depending on their goals at each visit.

    Related to unintentional blindness, change blindness, and selective disregard, a phenomenon called selective attention is responsible for this behavior.

    Find out more on this human behavior, how it may affect your site conversion rates, and how to address it to increase conversions.

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  • Usability 101: Designing for A Better User Experience

    When designing an interface or creating a website for the first time, most designers should, but unfortunately don’t always have two primary concerns.

    First, to make the design useful for users; which means create an interface that it is easy and fun to use and doesn’t pose complications.

    The second concern is, meeting the user’s expectations by creating an interface that adds something to their lives and makes it easier.

    Throughout the internet age, there are several success stories of websites and apps dominating the marketplace in spite of the fierce competition.

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  • How to Use the Fresh Start Effect for Better Conversion Marketing

    Everyone knows the power a fresh start has. It makes us feel confident, even overly capable of achieving whatever goal is in our sights. How many mediocre students do you know from high school who went on to get straight A’s through college? Probably more than you realize. A simple change of scenery and a clean slate is all many students need to discover they are capable of excelling.

    A fresh start is a great feeling to have, and research confirms it has a powerful impact on our aspirations and behaviors. As a result, many psychologists, counselors, and goal-minded entrepreneurs

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  • Does CRO negatively impact SEO: Rivalry or friendship?

    It all started with a simple tweet from Elon Musk announcing that he acquired x.com.

    Danny Sullivan responded with a light-hearted tweet about what ranks for x at this point.

    Things would have stopped at this until Chris Portscheller‏ injected himself into the conversation, dismissing the value of SEO when it comes to ranking.

    It is surprising how some developers and UXers are still wrapping their heads around the benefits of SEO and the value it provides in building brands.
    Equal to that is the lack of basic understanding of CRO and its principals most SEOs

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  • How Long Should You Run an A/B Test for?

    As interest grows in conversion optimization and A/B testing, marketers are always searching for a new design that will generate significant uplifts in conversion rates. Because the majority of AB tests fail to produce any meaningful results, many marketers are too eager to declare a winner for a split test.

    So, even in the few instances where a testing software declares a winner, there is a good chance that you merely identified a false positive.

    How do you avoid that?

    You start by having a good handle on A/B testing statistics to ensure that your data is collected and analyzed

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