• An Expert Guide To Optimize Your SaaS Pricing Strategy

    An Expert Guide to Optimize Your SaaS Pricing Strategy Ayat Shukairy, a well-known CRO expert, lists out five steps to optimize your SaaS pricing tiers and pricing page 81SHARESLinkedinTwitterFacebookGoogle Finding the right pricing strategy and price points for your SaaS (Software as a Service) company is no mean feat. As a matter of fact, quite a few companies and especially startups struggle with defining a successful pricing strategy. In recent years, the use of SaaS grew year-to-year at a rate of 24.4%, and by 2019 it is predicted to account to around 20% of all software spending. No wonder the implementation of ... Read More
  • The Average Website Conversion Rate by Industry (updated for 2017)

    Average website conversion rate by Industry

    Conversion rate information is one of the most protected data on the web. You should expect such secrecy. Website owners do not jump on the idea of sharing their website’s performance with competitors. While many tools available can estimate the number of visitors a website receives, limited software options may determine any website conversion rate. The question now is: what is a good conversion rate? The answer: it varies. What’s great for one industry might be below par for another. One multi-billion dollar company I once worked with had conversion rates of 41% for first time visitors. And they still

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  • E-commerce Fraud And Chargebacks – Statistics And Trends

    The state of ecommerce chargeback

    Did you know that E-commerce industry suffered an estimated revenue loss of $6.7 billion due to chargebacks in 2016 out of which 71% ($4.8b) was due to friendly/chargeback fraud. Every dollar of fraud cost E-commerce merchants $2.40 in 2016, up from $2.23 in 2015. Check out our infographic on “E-commerce Fraud and Chargeback” for latest statistics and trends.   Infographic by- Invesp Landing Page Optimization Company To Publish this Image on your Blog or Website . Copy this code Infographic by- Invesp Conversion Rate and Landing Page Optimization Estimated average monthly value of Successful Fraud Transaction Year Estimated Value

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  • Google Analytics Metrics That Impact Conversion Rate Optimization

    Using analytics for conversion rate optimization

    As you focus on increasing your online conversions, you will have to spend time digging through and analyzing your analytics data. CRO is about looking at different metrics and putting them together to determine which pages to optimize and which hypothesis to pursue. Let’s take a look together in some of the central features of your website data. In this chapter, we explain about entrance, bounce rate, exit rate, average time on page, and traffic sources. Learn how to differentiate between bounce and exit rates, and find out how to interpret the behavior of your traffic segments. This data will

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  • How To Calculate Your Website Or Campaign Conversion Rate

    Calculate website conversion rate by Invesp

    A successful CRO program involves integrated costs and revenues. We have formulas for these figures, but they come disguised in three-letter words, like PPC, ROI, and AOV. If this is your first project on conversion optimization, the formulas might seem a bit daunting. But, with time, you will get used to the basic math we are presenting in this chapter of our guide. Let’s take baby-steps. We will start with the main formulas of CRO.   The basic conversion rate equation is: Conversion Rate = Total number of conversions / Total number of visitors   In a month, if your

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  • How to Create a Robust Conversion Optimization Plan?

    Conversion optimization plan guide by Invesp

    Ready to go ahead with optimizing your site for conversions? Great! Let’s start by discovering the essential concepts behind online conversion. Too many companies jump into conversion optimization without a real plan or a methodology to identify candidate areas of optimization. Very often, the process is too simplistic and does not consider website visitors in a meaningful way. CRO is a comprehensive process that only succeeds when it involves two elements: Identifying areas of the website that should be optimized Following a repeatable process to optimize these areas If you don’t recognize the leaky holes in your site and don’t

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  • What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and Why Is It Important?

    What is Conversion Rate Optimization by Invesp

    “Instant 20% boost in online sales and revenue, after changing the color of a button.” This type of quote may be misleading about the true magical powers of website conversion rate optimization. The right CRO methodology can provide incredible results, but you’ll be just as amazed by the process to achieve these results through the fact-based, data-driven scientific approach we will bring to you in this guide. Let’s start with basic definitions for online conversion rate and conversion rate optimization.

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  • 100 Must Read, Bookmark, Save, Listen to Resources On Conversion Optimization

    You can find a lot of literature about conversion optimization. Some are old resources, but timeless because of the relevant information they continue to provide. Others are more updated techniques and information. We’ve compiled a list of the top 100 resources that you need to own, bookmark, and/or read on conversion optimization. Books Don’t make me think – Steven Krug Considered by many experts as the ‘layperson’s usability bible’. This book is recommended for all those who want to know how to get started with web usability. It’s also a great refresher course in the basic steps for advanced users as

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