• Can Content Cure Your Cart Abandonment Headaches?

    Content is like aspirin for ecommerce marketers. It’s the versatile old standby in a world of newer, more sophisticated (and expensive) options.

    But not only does content take away your search engine optimization headaches, it makes you look better to your customers, improves the circulation of visitors and prevents heart-stopping falls from Google’s graces. And, also like aspirin, it seems that everyday someone finds a new use for it.

    The problem of shopping cart abandonment is fascinating. Not because it’s any more interesting or sexier than any other ecommerce problem, but because it is so huge and so many retailers

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  • Divide & Conquer – 3 Ideas for Market Segmentation Online

    Market segmentation is not a new idea, but take a look at digital marketing and you might think no one has heard of it.

    Digital marketing, including your web properties, social media and blogging, makes it easier than ever to segment your markets. And it’s easier to create smaller, more focused segments than in traditional marketing.

    So why do so many websites, Twitter accounts, email campaigns, etc., simply push the same message to everyone?

    Because we always use new media the way we used the old. The first fonts printed on Gutenberg’s press resembled the hand-scribed fonts that came before.

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  • 6 Great Ways to Turn Customers into Advocates

    As I pointed out a couple weeks ago, many old marketing and sales models, particularly AIDA, are open-ended, meaning that once the sales conversion is complete, the model stops and has no means of putting the customer back into the conversion loop, like turning them into brand and/or product advocates.

    Creating advocates not only increases the chances of the them returning, but their actions will influence others to become customers too, and so they end up doing your sales and marketing for you. For free.

    Let’s look at some of the ways, especially for ecommerce sites, you can create brand

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  • Good Branding & Bad Branding

    Cease & desist letters are “opening salvo” legal devices fired off in the hope that recipients are shaken enough by the tough “prosecute to the fullest extent of the law” language to do what the letter demands, thereby saving the letter writers the cost and bother of acting on the threats.

    As such, they are about the furthest that writing can get from marketing and supporting a brand.

    So imagine the talent and creativity, or perhaps simply the genuine concern for the brand, that it would take to write a cease and desist letter that not only supported the brand,

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  • AIDA: Great Opera; So-So Marketing Model

    If the end of a sale is likely the end of your relationship with the customer you just had in your hand, then it’s time to review your system.

    According to the AIDA model, once your ecommerce conversion is complete, or your brick and mortar sale happily leaves, your efforts have been successful. Of course they are; you made a sale and that’s always a success. But it has the potential for far more success.

    The AIDA model is:

    Awareness – Letting your markets know you exist
    Interest – Give them the relevant features and benefits

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  • US Online Ad Spending Statistics

    Detailed Infographic covering the latest US Online Ad Spending Statistics for Search Engines, Online Display Advertising, Online Video Ads and Social Media Ad Spending

    Infographic by- Invesp

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    <a href=”https://www.invespcro.com/us-ad-spending.jpg”><img src=”https://www.invespcro.com/us-ad-spending.jpg” alt=”US Online Ad Spending Statistics” width=”580″></a></p>
    <p>Infographic by- <a href=”https://www.invespcro.com/”>Invesp</a>

    US Ad Spend On Search Engines

    Year Search Ad Spending

    ( In Billions) %age Change 2011 15.36 27.9% 2012 19.51 27.0% 2013 22.86 17.2% 2014 25.41 11.2% 2015 27.37 7.7% 2016 29.11 6.3%

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  • Should Headlines Dictate Your Mobile Ecommerce Strategy?

    If you’re involved in any way with ecommerce, you’ve heard for the last couple years that the mobile ecommerce wave is about to come crashing in and change ecommerce forever. But, even if you squint a bit, it’s tough to see as much as a noteworthy swell on the horizon.

    If you’ve invested in mobile ecommerce, you’re ahead of the wave. Depending on how far you took it, it can be relatively inexpensive and when the wave comes in, you’ll surf it longer than the rest.

    If you haven’t yet mobilized your ecommerce, you may want to hold on just

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  • Solve the Two Biggest Content Marketing Problems with One Tactic

    Take a look below at the graph of Content Marketing Challenges from emarketer.com, but don’t take too long because the first two challenges tell almost the whole story: by far the largest issues facing content marketers are:

    Finding time for content marketing, and Creating original content

    That’s the bad news and, as content marketers know, it’s not really news.

    The good news is you can solve both of these problems with a single tactic. Improve your content mileage, or get more use from your content, and you will reduce the need to create more and, as a direct result, the

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