• How to Optimize e-Commerce Websites using Scroll Maps

    A well-known fact in conversion optimization:

    To guide your customers on their buying journey, you need to serve them with relevant content. 

    In other words, this means that you have to know the exact type of content that interests your users.

    Now, how do you do that? How do you know the exact type of content that is going to resonate with your users? 

    Well, there are many ways to find out. But one of the most effective ways is to visualize visitor engagement on your website. 

    This is where heat maps come in handy. 

    Heat maps are a

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  • What does it take to successfully execute a CRO Program?

    The value that Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) brings to the table is now indisputable. Although we still come across top executives who are still skeptical of its value, the CRO concept has proved its worth to the mainstream. 

    However, most organizations’ implementation of a CRO program is still not optimal, which could be why some managers are still skeptical. 

    While the outcomes associated with a good CRO program are obvious, ranging from improved conversions to high retention rates, the suboptimal optimization program’s consequences are frequently overlooked. And they can hurt your business where it matters the most – ROI. 

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  • Expert Advice on Developing a Hypothesis for Marketing Experimentation 

    Every marketing experimentation process has to have a solid hypothesis. 

    That’s a must – unless you want to be roaming in the dark and heading towards a dead-end in your experimentation program.

    Hypothesizing is the second phase of our SHIP optimization process here at Invesp.

    It comes after we have completed the research phase. 

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  • The Secret Sauce: 6 Traits Of A Great CRO Agency

    Online business is fiercely competitive with the billions of companies available today. Using a website that is not optimized for conversions is akin to bringing a knife to a gunfight – you won’t win. 

    This is why companies should hire a competent CRO company to ensure that they get more value from their existing traffic. 

    Fortunately, choosing a CRO agency to help increase your conversions might be a simple decision for many businesses. I mean…there are countless options available. 

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  • How To Align Your Business Goals With Your Conversion Goals

    I bet you’d agree that you might lack a certain degree of direction in your testing program when you aren’t clear on your business goals. 

    Essentially, you end up getting pulled in opposite directions – and that can cause a lot of confusion, which then leads to an optimization program that doesn’t add to the business’s growth. 

    That’s why it’s important to consider aligning business goals with conversion goals. 

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  • Landing Page Optimization Tactics For Different Sources of Traffic

    Landing page optimization is not something new. 

    If you do a quick google search, you will see 1000s of results that show articles that discuss how to optimize your landing page.

    Some of these articles date back to the days before popular social networks such as Whatsapp, Twitter, and Instagram were created. 

    That’s really an indication of how old this topic is. 

    But the conversation about landing page optimization is far from being over. 

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  • Radical Differentiation: 5 Key Steps to Improving Conversions

    When it comes to marketing, you’re often told that your brand story, copy, customer experience & customer service can help increase your conversions.

    That’s true. But to increase your conversions, those elements have to stand out. 

    This means that you can have a good brand story, copy, customer experience, and still have a low conversion rate.

    In a world where your customers are flooded with content and options, your customers will only choose your products or services if they are stand out from the crowd. 

    Marketers are well-aware that differentiation is essential. But they don’t show you HOW to do

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  • What Causes DTC eCommerce Brands To Fail?

    It must be nice…

    Having maximum control over everything that has to do with your product.

    I mean who doesn’t want to control their branding, messaging, and of course, the profits that come with it. 

    I assume that this is what most eCommerce founders think before either switching from B2C or B2B to the direct-to-consumer DTC model.

    But if you ask for an honest opinion from those who have been in DTC for a long time, they will tell you that not everything that glitters is gold.

    They will tell you that running a DTC eCommerce brand involves a lot of

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