• What Causes DTC eCommerce Brands To Fail?

    It must be nice…

    Having maximum control over everything that has to do with your product.

    I mean who doesn’t want to control their branding, messaging, and of course, the profits that come with it. 

    I assume that this is what most eCommerce founders think before either switching from B2C or B2B to the direct-to-consumer DTC model.

    But if you ask for an honest opinion from those who have been in DTC for a long time, they will tell you that not everything that glitters is gold.

    They will tell you that running a DTC eCommerce brand involves a lot of

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  • The Counterintuitive Path to Brag-worthy Product Page Optimization

    Every day we make choices. Some of them are so automatic we don’t even realize we are making them. It’s true in life. It’s true in business.

    Every choice you make for your eCommerce site has an impact, the key is to choose in a way that has the most positive impact. 

    In over twelve years of studying and experimenting, I have time and again come to the conclusion that optimizing your product page is the number one way to boost your conversion rates.

    The product page is where we ask shoppers to part with their hard-earned money in exchange

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  • The State of Visual Search – Statistics and Trends

    The State of Visual Search Statistics and Trends

    Did you know more than 36% of consumers have used visual search and over half say that visual information is more important than text when shopping online. As more and more internet users and online consumers are using visual search to find the information online,  check out our infographic “The State of Visual Search” for latest visual search usage statistics and trends.

    Infographic by- Invesp Landing Page Optimization

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    Infographic by- Invesp Conversion Rate Optimization

    36% of consumers have used visual search and over half say

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  • 10 Ways to Increase Conversions In Your D2C eCommerce Store

    The year is 2020. 

    The world is crippled by a pandemic outbreak.

    Brick-and-mortar stores have been forced to close, and visitors are stuck to their devices now more than ever before.

    Online shopping is only growing.

    This of course triggers technological advancement and growth within eCommerce. We have seen an explosion in the number of direct-to-consumer (D2C) eCommerce brands. 

    While this growth is good for customers, it is scary for other online businesses.


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  • How D2C eCommerce Brands Can Engage With Customers

    While the arrival of the pandemic has been a curse to physical stores, it’s been a blessing in disguise for businesses that sell their products online. 

    ECommerce brands have been experiencing significant gains in the past few months. 

    Companies that didn’t have an online presence and relied heavily on brick-and-mortar or department stores saw a drastic fall in revenues, and they were forced to rethink their omnichannel strategies. 

    But even pre-covid, selling through distributors like Amazon or Walmart or large department stores has always been the traditional way to gain attention to your product. But with the rise of social

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  • 6 Top eCommerce KPIs You Should Monitor For Better Conversions.

    Although eCommerce websites come in different shapes and sizes, there are very real, specific KPIs that every eCommerce website, regardless of size, should be setting and monitoring.

    But one thing I can tell you is that you have to be extremely careful. Ecommerce KPIs can be both a blessing and a curse. 

    Over the years of helping different eCommerce businesses, we have discovered that most eCommerce marketers fail to accomplish their goals on time not because they lack skills and knowledge but because they lose sight of what to track precisely. 

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  • 6 Post-Purchase Strategies that Improve Customer Experience (with Examples)

    The post-purchase experience in the eCommerce space is totally disjointed. 

    This is because we, as marketers, tend to focus on acquiring new customers, and we often regard the sale as an endpoint. Most of us tend to forget about the customer once they check out. 

    Not even a follow up is done to see what worked well, what worked poorly, and what pain points they still have. 

    That’s definitely a wrong way of doing marketing because there’s so much more to a repeat customer than just the money they give you in exchange for your products or services.

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  • Revenue Marketing: Strategies you can use to close small and large deals

    At the beginning of every year or quarter, we set targets and goals for Invesp’s revenue. 

    Almost every company has revenue goals and revenue plans – but that doesn’t guarantee success. 

    Setting revenue targets is something that anyone can do.

    It’s that easy.

    The hardest part of revenue marketing is breathing life into that revenue and making it manifest. 

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