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  • 5 UX and Conversion Tips on Product Pages

    It is very frustrating for businesses to see visitors arriving to the site and abandoning before conversion. Here are 5 tips to better engage customers at the product page level:

    Multiple product images
    The problem with using a single product image is that it does not show the all the important features of the product, nor the different angles, which in turn opens up a series of questions and doubts from the potential customer. Using multiple images helps showcase your product from different angles, colors and features. Research shows that using multiple images result increase in conversion in comparison

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  • 9 Landing Page Elements to Start Testing Now

    Testing your ecommerce and lead-generation landing pages is the best way to increase their conversion rates. Check the infographic we recently posted on the Invesp blog to learn more about How to Test Your Landing Pages.

    After you do, use the list below to help you determine which landing page elements you can use to begin testing:

    Page Headline
    This is the single most important element of your landing page. Why? It is the first and very often the only element that visitors use to determine whether your landing page holds the answers they seek. Sub-Headline
    While your

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  • How To Test Your Landing Pages [Infographic]

    A detailed Infographic on how to test landing pages, difference between A/B testing and Multivariate testing,important landing page element , landing page testing mistakes and lot more.

    Infographic by- Invesp

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    <p>Infographic by- <a href=””>Invesp</a>

    What is A/B Testing

    A/B testing or split testing is an experimental approach to compare two versions of a landing page (A and B), which are identical except for one variation that might impact a user’s behavior

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  • How to Know Where to Begin Your CRO

    Hopefully everyone’s efforts here at Invesp are paying off and more and more of you understand the importance of conversion rate optimization (CRO). Presuming all other elements of your ecommerce and lead generation, including your website and levels of traffic, are at least average, CRO is where you can make them all exceptional.

    Unlike the other elements, CRO focuses on your customers’ actions at the point of conversion and so can have a direct and profound impact on your site’s performance and bottom line. For sites that have not previously been optimized, it is not unusual to see CRO result

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  • 4 Easy Steps to Create A Test

    One of the key elements to making conversion optimization successful is the flexibility to test and always test. However, implementing even the simplest of tests took time and resources. At Invesp we were well aware of this issue, so we developed: Pii Test Engine. Pii Test Engine provides a comprehensive set of tools to make testing easy for even those with little to no technical skills.  Time, resource allocation, and technical knowledge become straight forward when creating a test on various platforms using Pii Test Engine. There are four easy steps to follow creating a test:

    Step 1: Type the

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  • 4 Important Tips For Test Implementation

    Many A/B or Multivariate testing software platforms provide a visual editor for making changes. However, you can move beyond the options provided in the visual editor to customize a test in any way you want.

    Let’s suppose you want to add a “refine search” widget on left on your category page. With a visual editor you may encounter difficulty and limitations when attempting to add a fully dynamically working widget. However, with the tips I will be providing today, you will discover 5 steps to make these kind of changes in A/B or Multivariate tests.


    Implement all HTML on

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  • Consumer Choice Overload Can Impact the Conversion Rate Of Your Website

    I’ll often quote TED talks because I find them interesting and many topics relevant to CRO and general marketing trends. One recent talk I heard by Sheena Iyengar describes how to make choosing easier. The idea being that if customers are presented with less choices, or choices are strategically presented, it is more likely that customers will make a purchase.

    Iyengar outlines 3 things that choice overload reduces:

    Engagement – customers are less engaged. They will likely bounce or exit a site when overloaded Decision quality – the quality of their decision or AOV will be less. Satisfaction – customers

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  • Why You Must Optimize Your Ecommerce Site

    Most would agree that spending is a conscious act. We consciously identify a want or need and we consciously look for the best solution and value to meet it.

    But a recent infographic, The Anatomy of Saving & Spending (see below), reminded me of the role the subconscious plays in our buying decisions. Indeed, when it comes to purchase decisions, our subconscious is probably more active than any of us think it is.

    Preference: Price is always a conscious factor, but our subconscious starts to work on our buying decisions even before we look at price. We are predisposed to our

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