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  • The Use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Conversion Rate Optimization

    Can we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve the user experience on a website and thus impact the site’s conversion rate?

    It seems that many products try to mention that they use AI as a unique feature that makes them different from other competitors.   

    However, many AI methods are always confounded with machine learning methods. 

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  • How To Connect With Users Emotionally

    Let’s start with some customer loyalty stats

    65% of business comes from existing customers  Repeat customers spend 33% more.  The cost of getting new customers is five times higher than retaining old ones. 

    It’s a great thing to have your customers come back for more. 

    Unfortunately, gaining their loyalty isn’t easy.

    Nowadays, choices are overflowing, and customers are getting pickier.  77% of brands could disappear, and customers wouldn’t bat an eyelash.  One-third of millennials won’t hesitate to drop a brand like a hot potato if it doesn’t meet their expectations. 

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  • Google Analytics 101: A Simple Guide For Beginners

    So it’s been a year since I started playing around with Google Analytics. 

    I vividly remember my very first day – I had no clue what the tool was all about, and I didn’t really know the importance of data in the world of marketing. What I thought was Digital Marketing, wasn’t really DM, but it was Social Media Marketing.

    Not that I was ignorant or have been living under a rock, but I was coming from a totally different planet. For the life of me, I had not known any other home apart from sports journalism. 

    So when Khalid

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  • How to Analyze A/B Test Results and Statistical Significance in A/B Testing

    When we talk about Conversion Rate Optimization, it’s nearly impossible not to mention A/B testing (or split testing). Actually, many companies think that AB testing and CRO are completely synonymous. But that’s not true. A/B testing is a part of the greater umbrella that is CRO – but that’s a topic for another day.

    From Saas to e-commerce to lead generation websites, many companies now understand how the targeted audience responds to certain changes on their websites, thanks to A/B testing. 

    Most of the website elements you see on popular sites such as Google, eBay and Amazon were evaluated for

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  • Jobs To Be Done Framework in Conversion Optimization Projects

    The primary goal of every CRO Agency is to increase website conversions by ensuring that every aspect of the site is functioning properly. Weeks and months are spent conducting different conversion researches so that every element on the site persuades customers to either make a purchase, download, signup or subscribe.  

    But, having a well-functioning or a usable site doesn’t always guarantee an increase in conversions  —at best, it only increases conversions by 5%. So, besides the site usability, what is the other aspect that optimizers focus on? 

    Take a guess!

    Yes, you’re right. Optimizers also have to peek inside the

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  • How much does it cost to hire a conversion optimization agency?

    This is perhaps one of the first questions any company thinking about hiring a conversion rate optimization agency thinks about. 

    I get asked that question multiple times every week. 

    I also hear the same question from digital marketing consultants who are thinking about providing conversion optimization services. 

    I understand the question. 

    A conversion optimization agency can have an amazing impact on your bottom line, but at the same time, you have to make sure that you have the budget to pay for that service. 

    Understanding the cost of conversion optimization agencies helps you determine if it is a good fit

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  • Road Map to Effective Online Personalization: A Complete Guide To Create Online Personalized Experience

    Marketers have shifted their focus from the “one-size-fits-all” approach to being more personal. 

    Personalization, Especially online personalization, is a medium effort, high return game. According to Gartner, by 2020 companies with the right personalization strategy would see a 15% rise in their revenue. On top of that, 48% of customers expect special treatment from the brands they purchase from. 

    However, creating the right online personalization requires solid planning and execution. Do it wrong and your customers would avoid you like the plague. In 2017, US brands lost $756 B because of customer mistrust thanks to poor personalization.  

    So, In this

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  • 6 Website Usability Mistakes that Every Developer Should Avoid

    Regardless of the type of website you are working on, it goes without saying that the process of web development requires a team effort between developers, conversion experts, and UX designers. 

    Designers and developers are both analytical and creative problem solvers, and for years, their collaboration has proven that it can move mountains and offer users a great experience. 

    The task of the user experience team is to define and refine roadmaps on the site/product based on the users’ needs, whereas developers are there to implement and breathe life into the design. They both need each other’s contributions to make

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