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  • How To Convert Different Types of Visitors On Your Website

    Disclaimer: This section is a TL;DR of the main article, and it’s for you if you’re not interested in reading the whole article. On the other hand, if you want to read the full blog, just scroll down, and you’ll see the introduction.

    Every business wants purchase-ready site traffic, but not every visitor who comes to your website will be ready to buy instantly, but all hope isn’t lost. Knowing that you get a mix of different audience segments does two things for you; It helps you identify your site visitors and guides your site optimization process, and It also

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  • Black Friday 2022: 11 Tips To Prepare Your Shopify Store

    Black Friday

    The Black Friday shopping event is one of the most anticipated shopping holidays globally.

    Started in Philadephia in the 50s, Black Friday is now a recognized shopping event worldwide where thousands of stores offer massive deals and discounts to shoppers online and in brick-and-mortar stores.

    The previous Black Friday took place on November 25th, 2021; here are some stats about that day;

    Nearly 155 million Americans shopped. Retail sales grew 14.1% over 2020 to $886.7 Billion. Of the almost 155 million Americans who shopped, 88 million made a purchase. $8.9 Billion was spent during Black Friday 2021

    If the figures from Black

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  •  What Are The Features Of A Good A/B Testing Tool?

    I just carried out a simple test.

    Using Google’s search query, I typed this question; ‘how to improve website conversion,’ and I got 370,000,000 search engine results.

    That’s a lot of content regarding how to improve a website’s conversion.

    I clicked through some of the results, and I saw sections on best practices, the latest design trends, and checklists on how to improve your website.

    Note: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with best practices or the latest design trends, but they’ll not always work, and that’s because user needs vary from website to website.

    What works is you observing how users

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  • Qualities Of A CRO Specialist

    “The Only Constant in Life Is Change.”- Heraclitus (ancient Greek philosopher)

    This quote has proved accurate and has stood the test of time.

    Everyone and everything evolves, and even as marketers, we can say this is true in the industry. 

    There’s always a new trend; It could be a buzzword, phrase or concept, or a new marketing specialty.

    As a discipline, conversion rate optimization has gathered a lot of interest from individuals.

    Everyone is now an expert, taking courses, posting wins of A/B tests online, etc.

    But is that really the case?

    At Invesp, we’ve been doing CRO for over 16 years and have

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  • A Guide On How To Properly Implement WordPress A/B Testing

    There’s no denying that every business is on the quest to make more revenue. Be it a SaaS, E-commerce, Lead Generation, or any other model.

    This is not a bad thing, but to get more revenue, there are two things involved.

    You need to get more qualified traffic or make more money from your existing traffic.

    A/B testing, also known as split testing, helps you with the latter by giving you tools that help you optimize your existing content and pages which will improve your conversion rates, and unlock more revenue opportunities from your current traffic.

    For many businesses,

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  • A Guide to Website Analysis (With Examples)

    From time to time, search engines like Google keep rolling out new updates. And customer behavior is forever changing. 

    How customers used to behave before COVID-19 is different from how they behaved during and after the pandemic.

    With all these constant changes to customer behavior and search engines, you’re setting yourself up for failure if you are not doing a website analysis now and then. 

    Conducting a website analysis is an excellent way to uncover issues that could lead to a bad user experience on your website, which will affect your conversions (sales, reach, ranking).

    In this article, I’ll do

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  • Free Delivery Marketing: The Impact Of Offering Free Shipping

    free delivery marketing

    So let me take you on a little trip down memory lane.

    Think back to the last 3 months, and picture every order you placed online. Can you perfectly recall?

    How many of those orders did the word ‘free shipping’ influence your purchase decision?

    One? Two? Three? Or is it all the time? 

    If you’re like the majority of online shoppers out there, you’re always on the lookout for bargains. The bargain can either be a discount, free shipping, or some incentive that justifies your purchase. 

    In one of our studies, 9 out of 10 online shoppers agreed that the tag

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  • The Best Examples of Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions in 2022

    The Best Examples of Customer Satisfaction Survey Questions in 2022

    The truth about how well your product and business are fairing is in the hands of your customers.

    It’s easy to assume you’ve developed a fantastic product, and that’s all that matters, but in the grand scheme of things, your customers are the judge of that.

    This is where customer satisfaction surveys play an essential role in your business. With customer satisfaction surveys, you get honest, authentic, and unbiased feedback on how your customers perceive and see your product.

    The voice of customer data you get from the surveys is essential to your business. With it, you can mine insights

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