• Usability 101: Designing for A Better User Experience

    When designing an interface or creating a website for the first time, most designers should, but unfortunately don’t always have two primary concerns.

    First, to make the design useful for users; which means create an interface that it is easy and fun to use and doesn’t pose complications.

    The second concern is, meeting the user’s expectations by creating an interface that adds something to their lives and makes it easier.

    Throughout the internet age, there are several success stories of websites and apps dominating the marketplace in spite of the fierce competition.

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  • How to Use the Fresh Start Effect for Better Conversion Marketing

    Everyone knows the power a fresh start has. It makes us feel confident, even overly capable of achieving whatever goal is in our sights. How many mediocre students do you know from high school who went on to get straight A’s through college? Probably more than you realize. A simple change of scenery and a clean slate is all many students need to discover they are capable of excelling.

    A fresh start is a great feeling to have, and research confirms it has a powerful impact on our aspirations and behaviors. As a result, many psychologists, counselors, and goal-minded entrepreneurs

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  • Does CRO negatively impact SEO: Rivalry or friendship?

    It all started with a simple tweet from Elon Musk announcing that he acquired x.com.

    Danny Sullivan responded with a light-hearted tweet about what ranks for x at this point.

    Things would have stopped at this until Chris Portscheller‏ injected himself into the conversation, dismissing the value of SEO when it comes to ranking.

    It is surprising how some developers and UXers are still wrapping their heads around the benefits of SEO and the value it provides in building brands.
    Equal to that is the lack of basic understanding of CRO and its principals most SEOs

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  • How Long Should You Run an A/B Test for?

    As interest grows in conversion optimization and A/B testing, marketers are always searching for a new design that will generate significant uplifts in conversion rates. Because the majority of AB tests fail to produce any meaningful results, many marketers are too eager to declare a winner for a split test.

    So, even in the few instances where a testing software declares a winner, there is a good chance that you merely identified a false positive.

    How do you avoid that?

    You start by having a good handle on A/B testing statistics to ensure that your data is collected and analyzed

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  • Why you should run A/A tests in your conversion optimization program

    Did you know anywhere from 80% to 90% percent of A/B tests do not produce any significant results?

    In fact:

    Only 1 out of 8 A/B tests drive significant change.

    Done incorrectly, some marketers have begun to question the value of A/B testing…

    …their A/B test reports an uplift of 20% and yet, the increase reported by the AB testing software never seems to translate into improvements or profits.

    The reason?

    “Most winning A/B test results are illusory.” (Source: Qubit)

    Furthermore, the majority of arguments that call for running A/A testing consider it a sanity check before you run

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  • Your conversion optimization plan for peak seasons (including the holidays)

    Data from U.S consumer monitors demonstrates a distinct spending peak in certain seasons. Even amidst the 2008-2009 recession, the average spending always went up around new year and Christmas season.

    Optimizing your website for conversions around peak seasons will give you an additional boast and generate higher revenues.

    There are few basics premises that you should keep in mind while creating campaigns during the holidays:

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  • The death of the average CRO

    Regardless to how many CRO case studies you read about companies increasing a website conversion rate by 200% or 300%, the reality is that CRO is difficult.

    If it weren’t, then most websites would have conversion rates of 20 and the 30%.

    But that is not the reality. The average website conversion rate still hovers around 3%.

    The good news is, there is a lot of focus on conversions nowadays. I remember in the early days of Invesp, most CMOs did not know what conversion optimization even meant. Today, most established brands have dedicated CRO teams. Even the number of

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  • How Digital Influences In-store Shopping Behavior – Statistics and Trends

    How digital influence in-store shopping behavior

    Did you know that 87% of in-store shoppers look for information online before shopping, 79% while visiting store and 35% after visiting a store. Check out our infographic “How Digital Influences In-store Shopping Behavior” to know how digital is influencing in-store shopping behavior and latest statistics and trends.

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