• 6 Reasons Why Visitors Are Leaving Your E-commerce Website

    Treat your site’s visitors well by avoiding these 6 reasons your visitors are leaving your E-commerce websites. From auto-rotating banners to weak search engines, from broken links to surprise costs, find out what irritates your customers and how to address each mistake to decrease visitors’ confusion and raise customers’ satisfaction.

    1. Auto-playing carousels on your homepage

    Auto-rotating banners bring in a lot of room to confusion.

    If the slides’ speed of change is set high, visitors might not have enough time to read all information before an image gets replaced. By forcing your clients to read as quickly as possible,

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  • The State of Conversion Rate Optimization

    No doubt, conversion rates of your website are very important. Even a modest increase in conversion rate results in enormous increase in profit. So, conversion rate optimization is the best way to get more customers without spending extra on increasing your website traffic, thus advertising. In theory conversion rate optimization looks like something that every company should be doing. But what is the actual state of conversion rate optimization? Check out our infographic “The State of Conversion Rate Optimization” to know what marketers think about CRO and average conversion rate by industry.

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  • 8 Questions About Increasing Your Website Conversion Rates from Quora

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    8 Questions About Increasing Your Website Conversion Rates From Quora Khalid Saleh, a well-known CRO expert, answers 8 most common questions about conversion optimization from Quora, a question-and-answer website. 93SHARESLinkedinTwitterFacebookGoogle Download PDF Although Quora existed for few years now, recently I started using it more regularly. Perhaps opening Invesp’s office in Istanbul, Turkey was a major factor there. And yes, I am a big fan! Spending my time between our US and Istanbul offices is an amazing adventure. At the same time, it comes with its own set of challenges. That is where Quora comes in handy. I usually ask ... Read More
  • The Invesp Blog: Guest Post Guidelines

    Guest Post Requirements

    When we first started the Invesp Blog back in 2006, we never imagined how the industry will change in 10 years. But here we are. We did not typically accept guest posts except for rare occasions, although we get anywhere from 5 to 10 requests per week.

    Why write for Invesp?

    The Invesp blog is one of oldest CRO blogs in the industry.

    Our posts are sent to the loyal email list of 25,000 subscribers (as of March 2016). Our readers include top C-level executives from top ecommerce companies, directors or marketing that manage millions of dollars, marketing experts and

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  • 9 Surprising CRO Case Studies (and What They Can Teach You About Testing)

    conversion rate optimization case studies

    For CROs, case studies are as close as you can get to “text books”. Much of conversion rate optimization depends on field testing rather than theory. Keeping an eye on what’s working for others can help you create a more conversion focused website.

    Some case studies often bring up surprising results that challenge widely held beliefs about CRO. In this post, I’m going to share 9 such CRO case studies with you.

    1. Removing product descriptions and buying options increases conversions by 15.3%

    Conventional wisdom says that customers landing on a product page want to know more about the

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  • How Discounts Affect Online Consumer Buying Behavior [Infographic]

    Did you know more than 64% of online consumers wait to buy things until they go for sale, whereas more than 59% search for promo codes before buying anything online. Around 30% of online consumers sign up for price tracking service to get an email when price drops for the item they want to buy whereas 22% of consumers purchase products from their preferred brands only when on sale or with coupon. Check out our infographic “How Discounts Affect Online Consumer Buying Behavior” for latest statistics and trends.

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  • 3 Things UI/UX Designers Need to Know About Conversion Rate Optimization

    Things UI/UX Designers Need to Know About Conversion Rate Optimization

    For a layman, UX and CRO almost seem like the same thing.

    After all, they both involve creating the best possible user experience for customers.

    Where UX and CRO differ is in their approach to the customer experience and their end goal. CROs want more conversions (howsoever they may be defined in an organization). To do this, they might change the copy, test different designs and rely on analytics data to make decisions.

    What exactly do UX designers need to know about CRO? And in what ways can they change their UX practices to accommodate CRO goals?

    In this post,

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  • Stay Informed: 39 Conversion Optimization Blogs for You to Follow

    Be Informed: 39 Conversion Optimization Blogs for You to Follow

    In digital marketing things change very fast. May be too fast.

    There are so many things going on at the same time that it can be challenging to keep up with them. But if you don’t follow the latest trends and news, you can miss the opportunities or start lagging behind.

    Life is movement. Once you stop moving you are dead.

    Here is our ultimate list of the 39 conversion optimization blogs for you to explore, find fresh insightful and practical ideas to implement, and work out your conversion optimization muscles.

    1. Conversion XL

    ConversionXL is a conversion optimization agency that

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