• 13 tips that helped us improve a landing page conversions by 25%

    an image of a workshelf that looks so disorganized, depicting a landing page that needs optimization

    Our client creates dance videos that people can pay one time for unlimited access. Customers typically “gifted” this product to their significant other during holidays, birthdays, or other special occasions.

    Our client had a predicament during the February Valentine’s frenzy.

    The majority of the site traffic was coming through Facebook at a decent clickthrough. However, conversions were a dismal 0.5%.

    So, to increase the landing page conversion rate – I looked at ads and landing pages for companies during Valentine’s day.

    Let’s take a look at some of the lessons I learned.

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  • The State Of Video Marketing – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    an infographic banner talking about the state of video marketing, statistics and trends.

    Videos have become an effective tool for marketing with more than 90% of marketers now consider video marketing as an integral part of their marketing strategy.

    80% of online businesses are now using videos as a marketing tool up from 63% last year.

    By 2022, videos are estimated to account for 82% of the overall internet traffic.

    Our infographic “The State of Video Marketing” covers the latest video marketing statistics and trends and how videos help online shoppers in making purchasing decisions.

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  • The State of Social Media Customer Support – Statistics and Trends [Infographic]

    an infographic banner talking about the state of social media customer support, statistics and trends.

    With more and more businesses now using social media to connect with their customers, social media websites have become the most preferred platform for providing customer support. Social media websites now play an important role in developing the overall customer support strategy as more than 80% of consumers are now using social media to  engage with brands. Check out our infographic “The State of Social Media Customer Support” for latest social media customer support statistics and trends.

    Infographic by- Invesp Conversion Rate Optimization Company

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  • Post-Holiday Marketing Strategies that increase conversions

    an image of a retail store with dummies and different discount numbers to increase conversions.

    Let’s start with one simple fact: you need a post-holiday marketing strategy


    Remember that common saying? Failing to plan is planning to fail.

    Yes, without a post-holiday marketing strategy, your business will either underperform or tank no matter its size.

    This is actually one of the unwritten laws governing the world of eCommerce. 

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  • Infinite Scrolling on eCommerce: Is it for every website?

    an image of two phone screens with their pages spilling over indicating they’ve been over scrolled.

    This was the hypothesis used by the Etsy team when they were building an infinite scrolling feature on their website:

    Changing the pagination to ‘infinite scroll’ on the search results page, will increase items viewed and eventually purchases, as this is easier for the user.

    But after running the A/B test, the results surprised the team to the extent that they thought there was a bug or something. After doing some quality assurance, they were horrified to realize that the results were valid. 

    Instead of increasing conversions and enhancing customer experience, the test showed negative results.

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  • How to Run Promotions Without Deep Discounts

    a conversion optimization making payments on a POS for an item they bought without discount

    Customers’ love for a bargain is indisputable. 

    If I wasn’t one of them, I would’ve thought that maybe they are conditioned to only make a purchase when they think they are getting a great deal. 

    But being both a customer and a marketer has helped me understand both spheres. 

    I understand why customers like promotions, and I understand why marketers often roll out sales promos. 

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  • This is how people make decisions (with real life examples)

    a conversion expert resting and thinking on the decisions to make from the result of an A/B test

    There is no such thing as an impulse purchase. 

    Just because something is “inexpensive” doesn’t mean it’s an impulse decision. 

    Just because someone tends to purchase suddenly doesn’t mean they are making those decisions impulsively. 

    They’ve gone through a purchase journey – may be faster than others, but they have. 

    This customer thought that his purchase decision was on impulse – digging deeper, he was ready to make this decision more than anyone else. 

    After speaking to hundreds of customers, I’ve become well versed in understanding how to root out the causality that led to a purchase. It’s

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  • A Complete Guide to Creating Shopify Websites Heat Maps

    • Posted in UX
    a desktop screen showing heatmap results to a conversion optimization expert who’s trying to better understand user behavior.

    Heat maps.

    They have come a long way and have been used in different industries. 

    Being used in different industries is a clear sign that heat maps can be rewarding. You just have to know how to interpret raw data and turn it into insights. 

    If you have a Shopify store and need a conversion research tool that can help you understand your users better, guess what you can use? 

    Yes, you are right…heat maps. 

    As a website tracking tool, heat maps can help open the lid and let you see your visitors’ behavior on your website. 

    And once you

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