• Buyer’s Journey Stages: Optimizing Your Website for Every Stage of the Online Buying Cycle

    Stages of online buying journey

    You can only persuade your website visitors to choose your product or service when you address their motivations, needs, and fears.

    Visitors are not concerned or aware of your website sales funnel. They come with their own buying funnel which may or may not match your sales process. Successful marketers identify the buying stage of the potential customer and match each stage with the correct sales methodology and techniques to meet the needs of the customer.

    Some prospects enter the sales funnel already prepared to buy. Others, the majority, arrive at your site to either browse, look for information, compare

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  • Using Buyer Personas: The Cornerstone Ingredient for Better Conversions

    Buyer persona types

    Understanding your website visitors through personas

    Before jumping into conversion optimization, you need to identify your site visitor, by recognizing, for example, concerns, motivations, uncertainties, and trigger words.

    One of the first tasks we do as a company, which has been helping marketers optimize their content and their conversion rates, is delve into understanding the market as best we can, prior to initializing the recommendation process.

    Most companies are aware of the importance of knowing customers, but few comprehend all that this recognition entails, especially online. The majority is still keeping their heads in the sand and overlooking the high

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  • Price, Scarcity, and Urgency: Use Incentives to Increase Conversion Rates on Your Website

    Just spot some glaring FUDs-creating elements on your site? No problem, you can still increase visitors’ trust on your website by using incentives.

    Incentives rank high among the best ways to counter visitors’ FUDs. With a few incentives in place, visitors might ignore the flaws on your site and move forward in their conversion journey.

    Consider how you would respond to incentives when faced with a great purchase decision.

    Let’s say you have to make a quick decision on a notebook. You have done your research and selected the best brand and features you would like. Now your choice comes

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  • How to Use Google Analytics to Increase Conversions

    Thanks to Google Analytics and amazing data evangelists for popularizing analytics and the use of data in digital marketing!

    I recall a conversation I had 12 years ago with Kurt Peters, the editor in chief of the Internet Retailing Magazine, explaining to him how many of the large retailers we were working with back then either did not have analytics installed on their websites and if they did, they did not have a team to analyze the data.

    Fast forward to 2017, things have changed quite a bit.

    Most companies we talk to nowadays have a dedicated team (or person)

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  • The Importance of Optimizing Your Email for Mobile Devices

    The importance of optimizing your email for mobile devices

    Email marketing campaigns are here to stay, as elusive white whales they might become at some point to all of us. We almost thought we were losing them over so many new social platforms, but emails are persistent.

    You are diligently growing your company’s email list of subscribers, crafting and delivering hot, reader-centered tips on your newsletters, and segmenting your list for specific campaigns. The beautiful template you found has been filled with top-notch content, distributed through personalized strategies. Great! Now, are you making sure this template is mobile responsive?

    Between tablets and phones, you can spot significant increase in

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  • Engaging Your Visitors: 14 Proven Ways to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Website

    Engaging Your Visitors: 14 Proven Ways to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Website

    Users’ engagement comes from your ability to continue peak visitors’ interest on your website.

    Stores with daily changes in their inventory continually engage customers by providing expectation on new product arrivals. Companies that run frequent sales are also engaging clients and putting their store on the radar for things to look out for.

    With so many websites to visit, it becomes challenging to sustain users’ interest in your offering.

    How can you peak potential customers’ interest?

    In your site, start with setting specific Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)and metrics to measure user’s engagement.

    A quick note on this: We notice

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  • Guide to Conducting Qualitative Usability Studies

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  • The State of Impulse Buying Persona – Statistics and Trends

    Impulse Buying Persona

    Impulsive personas are the apple of the eye of marketers and business owners.

    The credit-card-in-hand shoppers get undivided attention in copy, design, and layout of websites, landing pages, and ads, as well as in brick-and-mortar displays and services.

    So much is carefully crafted to address impulsive buying: scarcity and emergency elements, benefits displayed in bullet points, big and bright CTAs, smooth and fast check-out processes.

    But who are the impulsive buyers shaking up online and offline commerce? Are they mostly married or single? Do they usually act impulsively while online shopping or in-store browsing? Do they really regret their purchases?

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