• What is A/B testing (split testing)?

    If visitors are not converting on your website, then obviously, there is a problem that is stopping them.

    You can go ahead and ask your design team to create new designs, but the question remains: how do you know that the new designs will convert more visitors compared to the original design?

    That is where AB testing comes in handy.

    A/B testing (sometimes referred to as split testing) is the process of testing multiple new designs of a webpage against the original design of that page with the goal of determining which design generates more conversions.

    The original design of a

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  • 31 E-commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Ideas You Must Try

    Ecommerce conversion optimization

    Like most eCommerce store owners, optimizing conversion rate of your e-commerce website is probably high on your list. The problem, however, is figuring out what exactly you need to optimize on your e-commerce website to improve its conversion rate. From copy and design to social media and checkout process, there are so many things you can test that can add to your bottomline.

    In this detailed post, we’ll give you a long list of ecommerce conversion rate optimization ideas you must try increase the conversion rate of your e-commerce website. 

    Design Testing Ideas

    Changing your e-commerce website design to make

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  • Your Complete Guide to Effective Call to Action Buttons – Plus a Bonus with Free 200+ CTA Buttons

    Editor note: All strategies outlined in this article should be deployed on your website using AB testing. By doing so, you will measure the effectiveness of these strategies and whether they work for your or not. We highly recommend using Invesp’s The Essentials of Multivariate & AB Testing guide.

    Let’s start with the bonus!

    I faced this situation many times: Our design team is busy working on a project for a client and we after creating the landing page, we discover we need a nicely designed call to action button to use in it. So we start searching for the perfect

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  • Want to Become a Conversion Rate Optimization ( CRO ) Specialist ? Just Surf the Web

    The web is a great place to learn because you can quickly access a lot of information from a variety of sources. The reason it’s easier to learn about something even as difficult as Einstein’s Theory of Relativity online is that you can have it explained in so many different ways that you’ll eventually find bits and pieces that you can understand; bits and pieces you can cobble together into a comprehensive explanation.

    What if you want higher conversion rates? Again, the web delivers truckloads of information, advice, examples, case studies, AB test results, – you get the idea – that guide you towards

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  • Holiday Marketing Strategies On Overdrive: 11 Tactics Every Small Business Should Leverage

    We recently worked with a partner client who is located in India. Now if you are familiar with Indian culture, you’d know that they have a lot of holidays. Like, all the time. Between Muslim and Hindu holidays, their was always some sort of #holidaymarketing that needed to take place.

    Luckily, much of the world takes breathers between major holidays. In the US, October to December are hot months for many retailers.

    Once the retailer has done their due diligence of getting enough eyeballs to their website (which generally increases for most of our clients organically during these “hot” months)

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  • Online Holiday Retail Sales – 6 Effective Ways to Boost Your E-commerce Sales This Holiday Season

    It doesn’t matter now. Whether or not you’re ready for Black Friday and the holiday sales season, it’s upon us.

    If you’ve been working all year to get ready for this year’s blitz, the overall retail sales predictions are mostly favorable. And even the negative stuff isn’t too bad.

    Inc.com quoted a Deloitte-authored sales forecast that calls for total retail sales of $965 billion this year, up about 4% from 2014. But the more pessimistic analysts will take that as somewhat negative news because it falls short of last year’ 5.2% increase in sales. Taking data from forecasts done exclusively

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  • Be a Spy & 4 More Useful Tips to Make Your Landing Pages More Customer-Centric

    Imagine that you could personally greet every potential customer; get a deep understanding of what she’s looking for, and why, and present her with the perfect solution – at the right price. Imagine the great referrals you’d get. Imagine how simple and easy it would be to grow your business. Imagine the awesome sales charts!

    OK, let’s get back to reality.

    While having the perfect solution to every client’s need may be a dream, digital marketing lets you get closer to it than any other marketing media. Landing pages are your opportunity to tailor your offer to increasingly thinner, more

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  • Guide to Competitive Analysis for Conversion Rate Optimization

    Have you considered studying your competitors to understand what their customers think of them, what can you learn from them in terms of good features and what you should avoid?

    Conducting a competitive landscape analysis is an important step of any conversion optimization program.

    Why competitive analysis for conversion rate optimization is important

    1. A comprehensive competitive analysis is critical part of any CRO program. Sometimes expanding your conversion rate optimization beyond your website and looking at your competitors can make some fruitful gains.

    2. It helps you understand how customers and potential customers think of

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