• Preparing Your Website for Conversion Rate Optimization

    Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is gaining large momentum amongst online retailers. The appeal is obvious — CRO increases site revenue by enhancing a visitor’s experience through the use of creative elements, promotions and messaging in a quantitative manner. In this webinar we will cover important topics such:

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  • How to Improve Conversion Rate of Category Pages by 67%

    E-commerce category pages share a similar template across verticals and are somewhat limited in terms of optimization options. However, understanding what your specific market needs and what will ease their search process to find the product they desire more easily and with no distractions is the key to funneling more visitors to the order confirmation. Learn more by attending our webinar which will feature several successful category page case studies.

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  • 12 Multivariate & A/B Testing Tips for Beginners

    Even if you’ve never done the digital marketing version, you very likely do some AB testing already. Can’t choose the right color for you kitchen walls? You bring home two swatches from the paint store to see which one looks best. Can’t get your children away from computer games? You try reasoning, then bribery, and go with the one that keeps them offline the longest.

    Multivariate & A/B testing are use the same concept. You test two versions (the first version, or control version, is “A” and the comparative version is “B” = AB testing) of a marketing element, whether

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  • Better Cart Page Generates 12% More Conversions

    Certain elements of the conversion framework tend to weigh more heavily on the different pages of your website. And within your site, as you near the checkout, the pages have more value, meaning the page ROI, when optimized correctly, will have a more direct impact on your bottom line.

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  • Top 10 Conversion Optimization Tips For Your Website

    This blog is continued from a linkedin post I wrote. To read the first few tips, please visit the post….

    There is never one, quick, easy fix all websites can apply for more conversions and greater optimization. However, there are principles which, if applied correctly and thoughtfully, can produce those uplifts in conversion everyone is looking for. Looking back at our 10 years of optimization, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 optimization tips anyone looking to increase conversions should consider:

    6. Plan based on Cognitive Progression. Whether your site is live and running, or you’re still in the planning

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  • 5 Ways to Increase Conversion Rates with Social Media

    It’s as old as social media themselves. The debate surrounding social media ROI might just rage on forever.

    On one side are those who look at ROI as a straightline proposition. ROI = the difference between an investment and the revenue it generates. Done.

    On the other side, mainly populated by social marketers, community managers and influencers, the point is made that direct financial return isn’t the overriding purpose of social media, and it’s misguided to use direct ROI as a measure of your social media marketing success.

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  • Reducing Visitor Anxieties Increased Conversion Rate By 108%

    The following case study was conducted to increase the conversion rate of a furniture e-commerce website by reducing customer anxiety on product pages. Reducing shoppers’ anxiety is important for successful conversion optimization. This can be done by addressing customer’s fears and questions about product quality, service quality, product description, website security, pricing and so on.

    The Company

    The company under study is one of USA’s largest online furniture retailers operating offline since 1913. The website has an overall conversion rate of less than 1% and an average order value of $2,200. The bottleneck for conversion seems to be the product

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  • Global Mobile Ad Spending – Statistics and Trends

    Did you know that 2015 will see advertisers spending $592.43 billion, worldwide? That’s an increase of 6.0% over what was spent on Ads in 2014. 63% of Global Digital Ad Spend Will Go to Mobile by 2018. In the US alone, marketers are estimated to spend about $189.06 billion on Ads, which is 31.9% of the global Ad spend for 2015.

    Ad spend is to go up by 60% in 2015 and is likely to go up to $158.55 billion by 2018. In fact, by 2018, mobile Ads alone will take up 22.3% of the global Ad budget. Check out

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