• Research: Getting to the Roots of Your Site Visitor

    Understanding your visitor is the underlying answer to creating a successful website. However, gathering the required information can prove to be quite a task. There are a variety of ways to gather key information about site visitors and of course the more methods you utilize and implement the greater the results.

    As we’ve noted in previous blogs, persona development is crucial to your site’s success. Creating hypothetical individuals that represent your market is key to increasing calls to action. But many people struggle with ways to gather and sometimes decipher through all the data because not all data is useful

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  • Top 20 Site Analytics Tools to Help Optimize Your Site

    **Thank you for all the wonderful comments and suggestions of analytics tools. This is an update of our last post with 5 more more great tools to add to your list.

    Never undermine the importance of testing and analyzing your site. On the most basic level, analytics data will help ensure whether or not you’re on the right track. And if the data is reviewed and utilized on the site it will help you increase conversion rates. Who doesn’t use analytic tools these days? You’d be surprised. We have come across ecommerce site marketing VP’s that can barely tell

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  • 8 Lessons you should learn from your online competitors

    I experienced one of the most valuable lessons in the late 90s when I ran my first business, Quill Publishing. At Quill we had achieved the majority of our business and financial goals and had taken great strides to carve a nice niche for ourselves. Everything seemed to go exactly how I had envisioned and hoped.

    Until one day…

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  • Exit Rate vs. Bounce Rate

    We’ve addressed an entire section in our recently released landing page handbook to explaining the difference between exit rate and bounce rate. When each of these terms is explained, it’s very easy to assume that they are the same number, but each calculates when visitors leave a site at a different point.

    A bounce rate is the percentage of visitors that leave a website within x number of seconds without visiting any other page. So if you were to search for the term “baby party favors” on Google the following would be the results:

    Clicking on the first organic

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  • 8 Best Kept Secrets To Fine-Tuning your E-mail Marketing Campaigns

    Email marketing offers a great opportunity to connect with current customer as well as potential prospects. Compare for example traditional website visitors to subscribers of an opt-in mailing list. Site visitors include those who land on the site by mistake and may not be interested in what you have to offer. An opt-in mailing list on the other hand provides a segment of visitors who are interested in a particular topic who actively chose to subscribe to your mailing list.

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  • Who are you talking to exactly: E-mail and video marketing

    We talk a lot about adhering to your target market through the creation of personas. But in an attempt to target their market segments some companies take a rather peculiar approach.

    Early April, Robert Gorell of Grokdotcom posted an interesting article about Spirit airlines. In their attempt to promote their latest campaign, they ran a promotion with an edgy headline: “We’re Having a Threesome!”

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  • 4 Essential rules to creating persuasive webcopy

    Here is the painful truth: Visitors do not care about you or your company. They come to your site with different objectives and goals fueled by unique personalities and many times just browsing or surfing the net. So, what can you do to persuade them to take an action?

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  • The missing link in the design of e-commerce websites

    An old client of mine called in yesterday to ask for some help. I helped architect an enterprise e-commerce website back in 2001. The website integrated with a complex back office solution (SAP/ Oracle) that handled all the counting aspects of the system. The client was hoping to upgrade portions of the system to allow visitors to their website to enter coupon codes. Also at surface this may seem to be a fairly forward and easy to implement task, however, it must be said that there are usually some technical challenges when attempting to integrate several systems. As I

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