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  • Infinite Scrolling on eCommerce: Is it for every website?

    an image of two phone screens with their pages spilling over indicating they’ve been over scrolled.

    This was the hypothesis used by the Etsy team when they were building an infinite scrolling feature on their website:

    Changing the pagination to ‘infinite scroll’ on the search results page, will increase items viewed and eventually purchases, as this is easier for the user.

    But after running the A/B test, the results surprised the team to the extent that they thought there was a bug or something. After doing some quality assurance, they were horrified to realize that the results were valid. 

    Instead of increasing conversions and enhancing customer experience, the test showed negative results.

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  • How to Run Promotions Without Deep Discounts

    a conversion optimization making payments on a POS for an item they bought without discount

    Customers’ love for a bargain is indisputable. 

    If I wasn’t one of them, I would’ve thought that maybe they are conditioned to only make a purchase when they think they are getting a great deal. 

    But being both a customer and a marketer has helped me understand both spheres. 

    I understand why customers like promotions, and I understand why marketers often roll out sales promos. 

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  • Designing a Loyalty Program that works for your Brand 

    an image showing a customer’s wallet and a loyalty card from a brand he frequents.

    In a world where there are tons of brands providing loyalty programs, have you ever wondered why consumers are becoming less loyal to the brand and more loyal to the program?

    I’m not, by any means, downsizing the importance of loyalty programs to brands –it is no secret that they do have their own sets of advantages to brands. 

    But if various studies tell us that 82.4% of shoppers prefer doing more business with a brand that has a loyalty program.

    What does that imply? 

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  • 10 Marketing Podcast Episodes You Should Listen to

    an image with different faces of top internet marketers and conversion optimization experts you should listen to

    During the lockdown, I picked this new hobby of binging marketing podcasts every single day. At first, it was a way of trying to avoid lockdown boredom, but it ended up being a regular in my everyday to-do list. 

    The more I inhaled different podcasts is the more I started to realize that there’s nothing to lose by making podcasts a part of my regular lifestyle – but essentially everything to gain. So far it has been truly amazing –you’d be surprised by the amount of expert knowledge you can get from these audio chunks. 

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  • Do loyalty programs work? What’s their Impact on Customer Retention?

    Convincing customers to buy from you over and over again has never been an easy feat. 

    Sometimes it becomes a bit easier when you have a predictable and repeatable strategy that is built to reward recurring engagement. 

    Yes, I mean something like a loyalty program. 

    Used right, loyalty programs can encourage repeat purchases and turn first-time buyers into brand advocates.  

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  • Omnichannel Customer Service In E-Commerce

    an image of various social media icons and channels and how they can be used to make the customer’s experience better.

    I’ll come right out and say it. 

    You are more likely to lose customers if the digital channels you’re using are not seamlessly synced to the physical ones. 

    I know that sounds so obvious –but you’d be surprised to see the number of companies who are still struggling to intertwine their digital and physical channels. 

    In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m talking about having an omnichannel customer service strategy. Yes, that approach that allows customers to reach your company wherever and whenever they want.

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  • 11 Customer Service Psychology Secrets that go Down the Funnel, Not Down the Drain

    an image of a customer success specialist talking to a customer and improving the customer’s experience

    One major trait that defines top-notch customer service is understanding consumer behavior –the study of individuals, groups, or organizations and all the activities associated with the purchase, use, and disposal of goods and services, including the consumer’s emotional, mental and behavioral responses that precede or follow these activities.

    Creating a product that customers cherish is not an easy thing to do, especially if you don’t know what drives their buying behavior.

    Before you come up with a product or service, it’s really helpful to tap into the world of consumer psychology and borrow insights from there. This is important because

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  • Measuring Customer Service Effectiveness: eCommerce Customer Service and Support Metrics that matter

    an image of graphs, charts that are used to measure if the customer success specialist channel is working well.

    One of our main jobs as digital marketers is to always look to enhance the customer experience on every touchpoint that customers might have with our brands. 

    Without tracking several key performance indicators, it’s impossible for any of us to deliver a positive customer experience. 

    If you ask any digital marketer, they will tell you that today almost nothing goes unmeasured. In fact, today’s marketing subscribes to Lord Kelvin’s way of thinking: “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.

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