• What is Loss Aversion and 13 Loss Aversion Marketing Strategies to Increase Conversions

    a cartoon image of an excited web visitor who has a huge discount offered and is thinking about how much he’s going to save

    Losses terrify us.

    The possibility of losing what is close to our heart, or wallet, impacts our decision-making process.

    Naturally, we avoid going through any losses, but our brains have mysterious ways of averting losses and falling into risky situations.

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, old wisdom has taught us. Although that is not always how we process our decisions, especially when cognitive biases come into the picture.

    So, the central question is: can you help your customers in making decisions that will keep the bird/dollars in their hands, by minimizing their losses? The answer

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  • A/B Testing Statistics Made Simple

    an image of a desktop screen with A and B split on the screen with statistics symbols as the background depicting A/B testing statistics made simple

    “Why do I need to learn about statistics in order to run an A/B testing?” You may be inclined to wonder, especially considering that the testing engine supplies you with data to make a judgement on the statistical significance of the test, correct?

    As a matter of fact, you have plenty of reasons to learn statistics.

    If you’re conducting A/B tests, you need to understand some basics about statistics to validate your tests and their results.

    Nobody wants to spend time, money and effort on something that will turn out useless at the end. To use A/B testing efficiently and effectively,

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  • How Decluttering and Highlighting Incentives Increased Conversions by 13.98% on Product Pages and 17.75% on Cart Page [Case Study]

    a case study on How Decluttering and Highlighting Incentives Increased Conversions by 13.98% on Product Pages and 17.75% on Cart Page

    Incentives are powerful.

    Even if your website is riddled with elements causing fears, uncertainties and doubts (FUDs), we have found that offering great incentives counter FUDs and persuade visitors to convert.

    We are not promoting the idea of having a site riddled with FUDs causing elements, however, remember that every visitor loves a bargain.

    Incentives come in different shapes and forms.

    They could be as simple as a free shipping offer, or a special discount on limited items, to more complex, unique approaches such as scarcity and urgency. Scarcity incentives point customer to the limited number of items available, while

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  • 30 A/B Tests to Boost Your SaaS Conversion Rates

    an image of a desktop screen with A and B on both sides and different test symbols to improve the website’s conversion rate

    How to increase SAAS converstion rate and what to test next in your SaaS website?

    Great question. Increasing the conversion rates of a SaaS (software as a service) website is part science, part art. That means, you need to take a look at the numbers and data from visitors’ behavior, while also looking for unique insights and solutions to some of the problems you uncover with the data.

    To help you out with inspiration for future testing, we compiled real-life examples and case studies of successful and surprising A/B tests on SaaS websites.

    But, first, a fundamental rule of thumb

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  • 9 Best Practices For Conversion Rate Optimization

    Does the process of conversion rate optimization frighten you a bit?

    Does it seem complicated to the point you don’t want to go through all of it?

    Well, you are not alone. Marketers fear CRO programs implementations for a variety of reasons.

    The first intention behind bringing this chapter to life is to encourage you on your CRO efforts, by changing the way you perceive, plan and implement your conversion optimization program. You wouldn’t want to miss the rewards of a well-implemented CRO program.

    As previous chapters led us through, the journey of conversion rate optimization starts by understanding the

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  • A/B Testing Vs Multivariate Testing: When To Use Multivariate Testing Or A/B Split Testing

    “Should I run an A/B test or a Multivariate test?”

    This simple yet fundamental question always pops up in planning for conversion rate optimization. In this post, you will know about the advantages and disadvantages of A/B Testing and Multivariate testing and when should you use A/B testing or Multivariate testing.

    A/B testing is the default and most common procedure in CRO programs. In some cases, though, running a multivariate test can add a significant value. Other times, you have room for both tests interchangeably.

    The great benefit of testing? You give your visitors a voice in the design process.

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  • Sale Complexity: How It Impacts Online Conversion Rates and How to Design for It

    How fast a potential customer moves in a buying funnel defines the length and complexity of the sales process. Some conversions require little time or financial commitment, and the process is completed in a matter of minutes (sometimes even seconds). It is almost like stopping at a convenience store and grabbing a soda.

    At the other end of the spectrum, for complex B2B sales or high-value consumer ticket items, a conversion may take months or sometimes years before it concludes. This type of sales would have multiple points of contact, nurture funnels, and the right approach to the right person

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  • Buyer’s Journey Stages: Optimizing Your Website for Every Stage of the Online Buying Cycle

    Stages of online buying journey

    Disclaimer: This section is a TL;DR of the main article and it’s for you if you’re not interested in reading the whole article. On the other hand, if you want to read the full blog, just scroll down and you’ll see the introduction.

    You can only persuade your website visitors to choose your product or service when you address their motivations, needs, and fears. Visitors are not concerned or aware of your website sales funnel. They come with their own buying funnel which may or may not match your sales process. Consumers go through five stages before making a buying

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