• How to Write Web Copy that Sells Even if You’ve Never Written Anything – Part 3: Body Copy

    a screenshot of Invesp’s former homepage with highlights on the body copy and why it’s effective

    It seems odd that we’ve gone through two posts about how to write web copy that sells and, so far, all we’ve written may be a few headlines. But fear not, after following the steps in Part 1 – Preparation and Part 2 – The Headline you now have a clear idea of the direction your copy needs to take and what it needs to do, including:

    Focus on the conversion goal of the page Speak to your target audience Address them where they are in the buying cycle Highlight the benefits of your offer Use keywords and/or keyphrases Have

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  • Apply the right methodology to achieve over 50, 90, and 200% increase in conversions

    a webinar on how to apply the right methodology to achieve increase in conversions

    This conversion rate optimization webinar will help you understand how to convert more of your website visitors into long time customers. The webinar will also include a Optimization Clinic where we will review many websites of the attendees and give them advice on where they can optimize and improve. Please make sure to send us your website if you would like it to be reviewed. It is going to be an information packed, engaging hour.

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  • How Smartphones Can Influence Shopping Behavior [Infographic]

    an infographic on how smartphones influence shopping behavior

    The days of digital commerce conducted solely via desktops and laptops is over. Today’s savvy shopper shops online through smartphones while on the move. No wonder that mobile devices now account for 15.4% share of total digital commerce spending worldwide! 50% of the overall online U.S. retail traffic is now through mobile devices.We’ve got many more such interesting facts for you in our infographic, “How Smartphones Can Influence Shopping Behavior”. How much do you contribute to the worldwide digital commerce through your smartphone?

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  • Writing Effective Headlines – How to Write Web Copy that Sells

    Writing effective headlines to improve conversion rate

    If you’ve skipped to Part 2 of this series because all you’re really looking for are quick tips to help your web copywriting, and you’re all “yeah, yeah, yeah” about the Preparation steps outlined in Part 1, please at least scan Part 1: Preparation.

    Whether it’s for a web page, a landing page, an email – any digital marketing copy – even if you write the world’s most amazing copy ever, if it doesn’t meet the criteria set out in Part 1, the effort could easily be wasted.

    For businesses, great web copy must be more than good writing. It must

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  • 5 Effective Tips To Prepare For Writing Effective Web Copy For Your Website

    five effective tips for writing effective website copy

    “There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.”
    Ernest Hemingway

    It’s the strangest thing. It seems that no one likes likes to write. Not even writers.

    Unfortunately, if you’re an online business owner, digital marketer or web developer, you’re at a bad point in history to not like writing. You’ll probably scream if you read “content is king” one more time (sorry, I guess you just did), but it’s true, and your web rankings seem to hinge on how many well-written blog posts you have.

    What Stands Between You and Writing Web Copy

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  • How to Create a Winning Content Strategy to Increase Conversions

    This webinar covered three main areas:

    How to create a winning content strategy to increase conversions Crafting content to implement the strategy Examples from top websites showing how they were successful in using content to increase conversions

    I was joined by SEO expert, Joe Sinkwitz, who helped some of the top websites increase sales and leads through content. You can also download the slides for the webinar from Invesp Slideshare account.

    How to develop a winning content strategy to increase conversions?
    Be it the creation of content from scratch or a by-product of an already existing strategy, the first thing to

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  • The Importance Of Online Customer Reviews [Infographic]

    an infographic on the importance of customer reviews

    How important are customer reviews to shoppers? Very important, as it turns out. The fact is, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business. And 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

    We’ve got many more fun, interesting facts that’ll help you see why your customer review is so important to other shoppers! Check out our infographic, “The Importance Of Online Customer Reviews”, to read more facts. Enjoy!

    Infographic by- Invesp conversion optimizaion

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    <a href=”https://www.invespcro.com/online-customer-reviews.jpg”><img src=”https://www.invespcro.com/online-customer-reviews.jpg” alt=”The Importance Of Online

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  • The Top 10 Marketing Books of All Times

    credit http://paulsutton.co/

    We have updated this list and added more books that every marketer should read cover to cover if they want to accelerate their growth in this field. Below this first list, we have also added more marketing books that you should add to your reading list right away. 

    If you are in the business of online marketing, you already know that regardless of how many academic courses you took in college, or how many hours you spent listening to your teachers, the most you will ever gain is some basic knowledge but will not be taking you to the cutting

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