• Automatic Population Can Put the Brakes on Your Conversions

    Reducing the number of steps that a prospect has to take to place an order is usually a goal of business owners. Doing so makes it easier for prospects to complete a sale and for businesses to make a profit. Given that, it’s no wonder why it’s at the top of to-do lists.

    One of the ways that business owners try to crack down on the complexity of shopping carts is to implement the automatic population of information. When customers arrive at their personal shopping carts, they’ll find forms and fields pre-filled with their personal information, theoretically making it

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  • Are FUDDs Fudging Up Your Conversions?

    You don’t even have to answer that question. I already know the answer.

    The truth is that no business has the business of conversions 100% right.

    In fact, no matter how successful a business is, there is always going to be someone, somewhere trying to make it even more profitable.

    That person will sometimes succeed and sometimes fail…thanks, in part, to FUDDs.


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  • How to Understand Buyer Motivation Without Telepathy: Start with Keywords

    If only I could read my clients’ minds . . . Do you ever find yourself thinking this? What if it were true? Landing pages and ecommerce sites could be created in a snap. Your copy would feel personalized and genuine. Customers would feel like they know you personally because your site does such an excellent job of catering to their needs, offering their wants and alleviating their fears. You would have a whole and untainted understanding of motivation, one of the most basic elements of conversion optimization. Linda Bustos of Elastic Path points out that motivation is the most

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  • Use Unique Loyalty Programs to Drive Up Sales

    Most business owners know what loyalty programs are. Too few actually implement them. Even less use programs that customers aren’t tired of seeing.

    I have a problem with that.

    At worst, a customer confronted with a loyalty program that they’ve seen too many times before can feel burdened. It’s almost like you’re requesting them to do extra things that other businesses have asked them to do, too. And before you.

    The solution? A unique loyalty program.


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  • Emotional Targeting- Smart Marketing or Virtual Sucker Punch?

    A few days ago, an acquaintance gave me a link to a public service announcement that had been uploaded to YouTube.

    The theme of the video was sexual abuse/incest. The contents were shocking and repulsive. It included a father toasting to the union of his daughter and son-in-law while cracking jokes about her physical prowess. The daughter sat idly by, enjoying herself and smiling all the way through.

    After I finished watching the video, I couldn’t help but wonder about the marketing behind it. What struck me most about it was that it aimed to scrape the barrel of

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  • A Case for Bundling After the Holidays

    By now, we’ve all wound down from the holiday season rush.

    That doesn’t mean that we can sit back and relax, though.

    This recession means that a rough road lies ahead for some business owners. For them, coming up with strategies to attract prospects is still at the top of their wish lists.

    I know that there are business owners who tried bundling during the holiday season to keep up with comparable offers from competitors or competitors who just plain offered free shipping. I’m sure that profits were made. But now, those same business owners are probably back the

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  • How The Paradox of Choice Can Lead to Lower Conversions

    Got a huge catalogue of products and no desire to match items to individual prospects?

    You’re probably going to hate this post.

    But if you heed some of the advice within it, you may find yourself with increased conversions.

    Business owners who fit the above description usually have very set ways of thinking. Operating under the assumption that “more is more” is one of the hallmarks of their minds.

    Ever hear of the idea that “less is more”? Yes, it may be cliche, but it can be central to business owners’ selling success . Focusing on offering less can

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  • 109 Useful Websites & Online Applications You Should Know About

    Since it is the start of the new year, we compiled a list of useful websites that we have been using over the last year. Our goal was to come up with a list of sites that are not well known but we feel should get more attention. The list is includes web applications, project tracking tools, search tools, news sites and multimedia websites.

    Note: We extracted the description of each application from its own About us page. No one can describe a product like its inventors , so we decided we would use their own words to

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