• Measures Beyond Analytics: Getting A Well Rounded Picture of Your Sites Success

    Note: this post is a guest post by Ms. Katie Gatto . Your feedback is really appreciated.

    When most people think about how they will measure the success of their blog they look to the numbers that are provided by their analytics.  While these numbers can be a helpful in figuring out your blog’s traffic and its sources, far too many people rely on the measures provided by analytics as a sole source of data.  By doing this you are cheating yourself out of a complete measure for your blog’s success.

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  • Lessons from 12 Years of Building E-commerce Websites

    Creating a successful e-commerce operation is no easy task. Take the grueling process of creating a successful company offline and add to it a multitude of complexities from online marketing challenges to technical issues and you have an ecommerce operation. When I reflect back on my experience during the last 12 years in creating ecommerce websites and online portals, it is difficult to contribute the success or the failure of an ecommerce operation to a single issue. It is usually a culmination of several issues that can make or break the company. And I’ve learned from seeing ecommerce sites fail

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  • Analysis of the Top Converting Online Retailers: Homepages (3)

    In the last post of this blog series, I reflected briefly on the homepages of ProFlowers.com and 1800Flowers.com, the two top etailers in the category of gifts and flowers. Remember, the reason I decided to explore this category in the first place was the fact that in June Proflowers.com, 1800Flowers.com, and FTD.com all made it to the top 10 e-tailers sorted by conversion rate as reported by Neilsen Online with over 20% conversion rate each.

    Amongst the top 500 retailers, in the vertical of flowers/gifts are two sites that clearly have sizable revenue, but are not doing as well

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  • Analysis of the Top Converting Online Retailers: Best Homepages Part 2

    In my previous blog, I shed light on the category of gifts/flowers that makes up 15 of the top 500 e-commerce sites. Additionally, 3 of the top 500, ProFlowers, FTD, and 1800Flowers.com, have been ranking in the top 10 e-tailers by conversion rate according to MarketingCharts.com for the past few months. So after reviewing some interesting stats, let’s take a look at 5 of the top 15 site’s homepages: ProFlowers, 1800Flowers, FTD, JustFlowers, and GiftTree.

    Of course, the first page that pops up after visiting any ecommerce site is the homepage. Its role is crucial in keeping the site visitor

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  • Warning: Actions May Lead to a Severe Case of FUDs

    Barack Obama has lead a very unique, successful online campaign that I believe has helped him achieve the popularity, excitement, and buzz this past year. However, last week, when I browsed to his website I found that his site may be falling into what we like to call: creating FUDs (fears, uncertainties, and doubts).

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  • Ecommerce Websites Design: 8 Essential Elements of Successful Category Pages

    On most ecommerce websites category pages and their categorization schemes are driven by a business process giving very little attention to the heart of any transaction: the online visitor.

    Ultimately, a category page plays an important supporting role in funneling traffic to product pages. Amazon.com, for example, expects the visitor to navigate to the product page to add an item to your cart.

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  • 5 Proven Ways To Elevate Your Content

    Content is King!

    The statement above has become the holy grail of blogging. No matter what we do content still is and will forever be the main catalyst to drive your blog to success. Without an eye catching, attention grabbing content it is hard to persuade readers to “hang” around your blog and compel them to subscribe. We have all seen blogs that have been launched around the same time but one hits the rock bottom whereas the other reaches the heights of success. They both might be expert in the same field, but one rises and the other fails.

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  • Ecommerce Top Level Navigation – Lessons From the Top 10 E-Retailers

    Most websites do not pay close attention to the design of their top navigation bar. Yet simple changes made on this location of the page can make huge differences in conversion optimization. Prior to going bankrupt, Tower reported that they were able to double their conversion rates by adding a new navigational feature to their site.

    While there are no concrete rules on what elements you should include on your top bar, there are several elements you should consider.

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